The Making of an Excellent Adventure 2005 – Part 10

Of all the things that we have on our list to worry about when we get this close to our vacation, getting sick has to be pretty close to the top of that list.

Today Barb was home from work, sick. By all indications, it’s a minor cold and she expects to be back to 100% pretty soon but it goes to show you that sometimes you really have no control over what can happen while on vacation.

For about the first 4 or 5 years that Barb and I would go on our Excellent Adventures, I can remember one (or both) of us getting sick consistently every time. Usually this ended up with at least one day of the trip stuck in bed but sometimes it could be longer. I clearly remember when we were in Scotland in 1998 that Barb got sick for several days. I remember this because I ended up going to see Loch Ness by myself while Barb lay in bed at the B&B. You might think that I should have been there with her but there’s been plenty of times that I’ve been the one sick and Barb going off alone. It’s kind of an unwritten rule that unless one of us is needing an ambulance, the other is free to go and enjoy themselves.

One of the things that we have found over the past 3-4 years that has really helped us stay healthy while on our trips is to keep our hands clean. We now make a point of packing several small containers of the waterless hand sanitizer like One Step so when we stop for a meal after holding railings on subways we can at least clean our hands. We also make a point of taking a several week supply of multi-vitamins just to make sure that we’re getting most of the necessary vitamins during a 2-3 week binge of restaurant food.

With any luck, both of these tactics will keep us going throughout Italy for the full three weeks.


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