Our Excellent East Coast Adventure – Part 1

Getting Back Online Again

We were in Sri Lanka when I last wrote an update on my travel blog. Regular readers know that I’ve been fairly diligent at posting updates here at least twice a year for the last 18 years. Of course, none of us knew how travel would come to a halt and 32 months would go by before I’d be writing another blog update. Yet here we are and writing again honestly feels a bit unusual and it’s very much like a brand new experience again, like the blogging part of my brain still needs a bit more exercise.

We arrived in Boston today as the first destination of our Excellent East Coast Adventure. We were able to get a direct Vancouver to Boston flight which we didn’t even know existed. During the flight, it was announced that this was the very first Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Boston.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be at four different destinations, getting just a sample of the east coast of the US. This trip was almost a spur-of-the-moment decision, with our original plans to drive down to California. We ended up deciding that we didn’t want to drive several thousand kilometers and I suggested to Barb that we try a new destination. I had always wanted to go to Boston and experience some of the history and it was only in the past four weeks or so that this trip all came together. We have a few interesting destinations in mind after Boston which I’ll get to as they happen.20220604 L1000011

This is actually our second trip outside of Canada this year. In March, Barb and I went down to Indian Wells, California for about a week to see a tennis tournament. It didn’t have the same sightseeing component that forms the basis of most of our other trips and subsequently didn’t result in a new travel blog entry.

But we’re now in Boston and we’re looking forward to doing one of our favourite travel activities: getting out and exploring a new city.

I’ll check back in a few days.



  • Pyrenne Tromans

    Nice to see you are travelling again.
    Enjoy you travels. Looking forward to more.
    We are off to UK/ Dubai for 6 weeks next month.

  • Khozema

    As usual, Baden your photographs are par excellence, I can only wish I could take photos like you.
    Hope Barb and you are doing well.

  • Heidi

    Glad to see you’re traveling again! Boston is awesome! So is Washington DC and Charleston! Too bad you didn’t blog about Indian Wells. We are just around the corner from there! Cheers, Heidi