More travel, Less food

I’m coming up on the 3rd anniversary of me running and if you’re reading this you’ll have already noticed that everything looked quite different.

I’ve had to do some hard thinking about how much time it takes for me to write articles for the blog on an ongoing basis and some changes were definitely in order. You may well have already noticed that over the last 6-9 months the number of articles that I have been posting (when I am not travelling) has dropped off quite a bit. This has been reflective of not being able to write 2-3 articles a week anymore so I’ve decided to make a few changes.

First, I’ve re-branded the tag line for ExcellentAdventure from Adventure in Food and Travel to Travel Adventure Around the World. This will reflect my change in focus on just our travel adventures and I will no longer be writing about food and cooking anymore.

It’s not that I have any less interest in food or cooking any more but writing about it will no longer occur.

Thanks to all of my regular readers and I will continue to write to you on our ongoing travel adventures over the years.