An Excellent Adventure of a Lifetime

Many people whom I’ve talked to about our plans to go to Africa later this year naturally assume that this trip will be the high water mark for any of the vacations that we have gone to before – a trip of a lifetime.

Not to pour any cold water on this upcoming trip, I’ve known for some time that it is the Excellent Adventure in 2009 that will be the trip of a lifetime. After the 2009 Adventure, there is simply no way that anything else will measure up.

Welcome to the Making of Barb and Baden’s Excellent Antarctic Adventure.
I started getting the idea of going to Antarctica a few years ago and have only started to do any real research on this in the past 6 months. This trip will, without a doubt, be very different from anywhere that we have ever gone before. I’m not just talking about the weather but let’s face it, you don’t just fly down to Antarctica and check into a hotel. There are no hotels. No airports. No car rentals. The entire planning process for our typical adventure will require a significant overhaul.

Interestingly enough, in the past few months we’ve read about two ships that have sunk on their way to Antarctica. This is obviously not a pleasure cruise through the Caribbean.

Details of our Antarctic Adventure planning will continue to be published here over the next two years. Stay tuned for our most exciting adventure yet.