Barb’s Mystery Adventure

Tomorrow morning we’re heading off on a mini-weekend adventure that Barb’s quietly put together. We’ve both taken off Monday to make it a long weekend but the interesting thing is that I don’t know where we’re going. You might remember that I did a similar mystery adventure a few years ago where Barb and I ended up going to the Quebec winter carnival (see An Excellent Mystery Adventure in December of 2005).

By this time tomorrow I’ll know where we are and if I have Internet access I’ll post another update. Worst case scenario, I’ll have to post an update when we’re back on Monday night.

Having done one of these myself, I found out first hand how difficult it was to plan a trip without Barb knowing about it. The biggest issue is that I was not able to book anything on our (joint) credit card as Barb has the habit of looking at the credit card statement online pretty much every night. Since you have to make virtually all travel booking with a credit card there really isn’t any other option. In the case of the trip to Quebec City, I ended up having to get Barb to promise to not look at the online statement for several weeks. In reality, it’s way easier for Barb to do this than me as months may go by before I feel the need to check the accounts.