The Making of an Excellent Adventure 2005 – Part 7

Vorrei avere un trattore per il pranzo.

Translation (from Italian): I would like a tractor for dinner. Yes, these fine Italian phrases and many more like them will be spoken by us as we travel throughout Italy in a few short weeks.

A few weeks ago, Barb picked up a Fodor’s “Learning to Speak Italian” CD which we have been listening to in our car on the way to work since then. I’m not sure exactly how much Italian we will learn from this method but I’m quite sure that it’s better than nothing.

When we went to Spain two years ago, we did almost zero Spanish training and we definitely felt that it hindered us in several spots.

Of course, we’re not expecting that we’re going to speaking fluent Italian just by listening to a CD a few times but even just having a couple of key phrases at your fingertips may be the difference between getting by and making a fool of yourself.

On the other hand there’s the theory that having a little knowledge of a language is worse than having none at all. We’ll have to see how many tractors we end up getting for dinner and make that the judge of it all.


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