The Making of an Excellent Adventure 2005 – Part 6

I’m thinking that the term travelling light needs to be updated. For those of you who have been following along with our trip planning, you know that I’ve been planning on taking along some extra electronic equipment. For most of our previous trips, I’ve had my camera, of course, along with a spare camera battery. This seemed to be adequate for many years until last year when I converted to a digital camera. Once I went digital the theory went, I would really be travelling light as there would be no bulky plastic containers of extra film to worry about – everything would be stored on small digital memory cards.

Things didn’t exactly turn out that way.

First, I needed to avoid the situation where all of my digital pictures were completely lost if my camera ever got stolen (along with the digital memory card). I looked at several options and ended up purchasing a portable CD burner. This allowed me to copy the files from the memory card to a CD every night so I would have a backup copy if needed. This seemed to work pretty well on last year’s trip.

Since coming back home and starting to think about this year’s trip, I had already decided that I needed to find some kind of portable computer so I could compose my Excellent Adventure stories in our hotel each night. Soon after this came the Dell Axim X50 Pocket PC (along with the companion wireless keyboard).

A couple of months later, I bought the Sony Camcorder. Along with the Camcorder goes a spare battery and battery charger. Plus separate battery chargers (and spare batteries) for the Pocket PC and digital camera.

I’m pretty sure that this is it. If I had to add any more electronic equipment equipment into my suitcase, it just might be considered excessive.


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  • Kathy Palese

    Hi Baden

    I haven’t been to your site for awhile and must compliment you on the variety of topics. I find myself being quite envious of your upcoming trip to Italy. I really hope you all have a great time. We have some friends who just returned from a trip to Italy. They spent most of their time in Umbria and said it was wonderful. If you don’t mind, I would like to be on your mailing list for the daily activities in Italy.

    Have a wonderful trip.

    Kathy Palese