Our Excellent Portugal Adventure – Part 1

Choosing Portugal

We often get asked how we end up determining what destination we plan on going to next. I think this happens more often when we’re choosing a destination that isn’t quite on the beaten track as France or Italy for example. It definitely came up about Portugal. So why did we choose Portugal? There’s no real science to this and I remember several months ago Barb and I considering many destinations in different parts of the world and the idea of travelling to Portugal appealed to both of us. Definitely one of the factors was that we had never been to Portugal before. We’ll see if we felt it was the right decision about 2 weeks from now when we’re coming to the end of our Portugal adventure.

It’s the Language

Having travelled to quite a few places over the past 30 years, the language of the place we happen to be going to is always a consideration. Barb and I have some French comprehension, some Spanish and Italian and while I understand some German, Barb is fluent in it. But speaking Portuguese, well that’s a whole different matter. Our cursory research has indicated just how different the Portuguese language is from the others on our list. While we know that English is spoken in many countries, we expect that on this trip we’ll be relying on the Google Translate app more than ever.

Flying After Work

We’ll be heading to the airport later today for the start of our Excellent Portugal Adventure. I’ve done this 1-2 times in the past where I’m working today and flying out in the evening of the same day. It meant that my suitcase had to be packed and ready to go before I went to work today. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

My next posting will be after we’ve arrived at our first destination in Portugal.