Our California Adventure – Part 1

Road Trip

There’s something very appealing about a road trip. Going from place to place on your own time. Stopping when you want and exploring new sights and towns along the way. For ten days, Barb and I will be on our road trip through California, seeing some places we’ve been before and several new ones.

We expect that the weather should be fairly hot and, interestingly, we rarely travel this time of year for that very reason. We’ve normally chosen to travel in spring and fall when it’s more temperate in most locations and we’ve found that it makes for a very pleasant time getting around and seeing the sights. Also, traveling in those shoulder seasons is often far less crowded, especially in popular destinations.

Three Vacations in the Queue

We’re in interesting times. It’s very common for Barb and I to have a well-developed idea of the places we plan to visit in the future. In most cases, we are researching and planning overlapping trips at the same time but what’s never happened is that we’ve gone to the stage of booking flights for overlapping trips. This is exactly the state that we’re in now where we have three flights booked between now and next year.

Special Anniversaries

2024 is special for us one big reason and one smaller one. The big reason is that this year is our 30th wedding anniversary and it’s the reason for the 2nd trip that we have booked and will occur later this year. The smaller anniversary is me writing this travel blog for 20 years. I started writing about our travels as far back as 1999 but for the first five years, it was just emails and I didn’t decide to move it to this blog until 2004. I regularly re-read my old blog stories, sometimes cringing at my spelling and grammar mistakes but always enjoying reminiscing about past trips. Even after 20 years, I still enjoy writing about our travel experiences, combined with my passion for photography, both of which are complimentary.

Our California Adventure will begin at the San Francisco airport later today where we will only be picking up our rental car after arriving and then heading straight out of town to our first destination. I’ll post again in a few days.



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