Barb and Baden’s Excellent France Adventure 4.0 – Part 1

france4 1 pic1

You’d think that after making three previous trips to France that we would have moved on to other places in the world to visit. After all, wouldn’t it be natural to just get tired of going to a single country time after time?

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. France is a place that Barb and I can’t ever see ourselves getting tired of and our upcoming fourth trip to France starting today. Yes, this is Barb and Baden’s Excellent France Adventure 4.0.

Our last Excellent Adventure to France was three years ago (it seems like much longer than that) and on that trip it was about 9 days and was exclusively in Paris. That trip was the first time that we went anywhere outside of North America to a single city and for what was a relatively a short amount of time. The one thing that we confirmed on that trip was that a) we loved Paris and b) we just couldn’t see ourselves ever getting tired of France.

As I have normally done on many of our previous Adventures, I am posting this Part 1 at the boarding gate waiting for our flight.

Sidebar: Thank you YVR for the free wireless Internet. 🙂

In addition to the laptop that I normally take with me on our Adventures, I am now packing my new iPhone 4. The iPhone poses to add a huge leap forward in travel convenience. I’ve already installed apps to translate and speak any phrase that I type, an app to find the nearest public washroom among others. I’ll get into more details of the iPhone as we go.

For the very first time, Barb and I will be travelling to Europe via KLM and of course connecting through Amsterdam. OF course we only have a few hours in the Amsterdam airport and will arrive in Paris some time tomorrow afternoon (Paris local time). We’ve decided to stay in a completely new area of Paris so we’ll hope to see a few new things in the neighbourhood this time round.

I’ll check in again in a few days with further updates.