My Excellent Iceland Adventure – Part 1

Solo Trip

About 5 months ago a large map of Iceland went up on the wall of our 2nd bedroom. Over the subsequent months, more and more notes were added to the map as I researched and developed the itinerary for the trip to Iceland where I’m travelling today. I’m writing the first part of this blog series in the Edmonton airport waiting for my connection to Reykjavik. If we stay on schedule I’ll land in Iceland sometime early tomorrow morning.

On this trip, I’m travelling solo and I can’t help but remember that it’s been 5 years since I planned and went on a vacation by myself to several of the national parks in Utah.

Finally Here

I’m posting this first chapter of my Iceland Adventure after only being in the country for about 12 hours. I landed in Reykjavik very early this morning. The flight attendant announced that it was zero degrees and after taking my first steps out of the airport I was glad that I had packed appropriate clothing for the weather. Even though it was much colder than when I left Vancouver it was sunny in Reykjavik so the colder weather didn’t really bother me.

The rental car that I picked up may be of concern. The car, a 4-wheel drive Suzuki Grand Vitara, is easily 15 years old and the exterior is in horrible shape. The car has over 250,000 kms on it! It seems to run ok and has pretty new snow tires on it. The car’s comfortable enough inside and I’m hoping that it’s much more reliable than it looks. 🙂

I’m about to head out for my first dinner in Iceland tonight and tomorrow I’ll be leaving Reykjavik and heading north to start the journey into the more rugged side of Iceland.

I’ll post again in a few days.




    • Baden

      Dad, tomorrow morning I’m planning to change the rental car with something newer. I’ve been driving this old car throughout Reykjavik today and I think that I need something more reliable when I’m in the countryside, an 8-10 hour drive from town.

  • Jean Kaltenbach

    Hi Baden, Jeff let me know you were on this trip and I am very interested as Gill and I are heading there in June with friends who are also “photographers” and we are also renting a car… hope all goes well for you and I look forward to your postings.