Barb and Baden’s Return to France – Part 1

IMG 0073

We needed to check our notes because we couldn’t believe that it’s been 12 years since our last trip to France. Of course, it’s been three years since we’ve been anywhere outside of North America, this Return to France trip is significant for us in many ways and quite possibly a broader return to travel. The tagline of my blog after all is Travel and Adventure Around the World, not just Travel Around Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. 

With travelling to Europe or Asia from Vancouver, it’s accepted that part of the deal is a significantly longer flight that flying to destinations in the U.S. or Mexico. We deliberately chose a direct flight to Paris with Air France which will eliminate lots of time time spent connecting between flights but it’s still about 9 hours of flying from Vancouver. It’s also unavoidable but arriving in Paris this morning will leave us jet-lagged and tired as we really won’t get much sleep on the flight. Nonetheless, Barb and I are excited to be making our Return to France, travelling to one of our favourite cities in the world. 

I’ll provide another update in a few days.